Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 Weekly Goals

Source:  http://moneysavingmom.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/4564135255_23e3aee2ac211.jpg
I have struggled all throughout this pregnancy to get things accomplished in a timely and orderly fashion.  I make my "To Do" list every night or early morning and then proceed to maybe do one to five things (based on my nausea/energy) for the day.  There were quite a few good days throughout the summer and a few this fall, but overall, it's been quite discouraging to consider how little "get-up-and-go" I have in me (this is even more true in this 3rd trimester).  I've been a long-time reader of Money Saving Mom and she has been posting on Mondays her 10 Weekly Goals.  I really like this idea.  Now 10 might be too much for me in this stage of pregnancy, but I'm still going to try.  I like that they are "goals."  The word doesn't feel as constraining and I know if I don't get to them all, it won't be the end of the world.  I know that 3rd trimester is just a season and there will come a day when I regain my boundless energy (I can hope, right?!!!) and my nausea will fade to just a distant memory.

Pregnancy Goals:

1.  Continue reading The Jesus Storybook Bible to the little guy each night

2.  Relaxation/labor practice each day

3.  Finish reading Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

4.  Set up interviews with pediatricians

Personal Goals:

5.  Exercise twice a day (no matter how little) for 5 days this week

6.  Finish reading A Thousand Gifts

7.  Morning Bible reading/prayer before I turn on the computer

Home Management Goals:

8.  15 Minutes of Decluttering each day

9.  Spend 10 minutes/day picking up the entryway, dining room, living room

10.  Get budget caught up and have budget meeting w/Ciaran

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Thousand Gifts: #201-218

My nausea has left me groaning and moaning on the bathroom floor yet again today.  It didn't set in until about 11am though so I was able to get a bit done this morning which was really nice.   Since I am feeling quite frustrated about my nausea, I figured it was time to chronicle all that the Lord has blessed me with.  I need an attitude change really badly right now. 

Thank you Lord for....

201.  My mom spending three days with us (cooking, cleaning, organizing, shopping, etc. in preparation for Baby).
202.  The comfort of being home when the nausea and vomiting becomes unbearable
203.  Seeing Baby via ultrasound on Wednesday
204.  Normal blood pressure reading
205.  Normal labwork results
206.  33 weeks of pregnancy so far for Baby to grow (even though I'm very weary of it at this point)
207.  Ice cold washcloths on my neck
208.  A freshly made bed
209.  A sweet husband timing my BH contractions for over an hour (just to make sure they are indeed BH)
210.  The sheer joy that comes from spending time in God's Word and in prayer
211.  Being able to pray for my church family, even when I can't be with them
212.  Warm,sunshiney fall weather (even when I only enjoy it through a window)
213.  Worship music playing in the background, always pointing me Godward
214.  The delight on Ciaran's face as our little guy pushes back against his hand on my belly
215.  Delicious sips of Coca Cola to help ease my nausea (don't worry, it's OB approved)
216.  Time to rest when the fatigue overtakes me
217.  Finding bassinet sheets that fit our Travel Lite crib
218.  Waking up with no alarm clock this morning

Monday, September 05, 2011

A Thousand Gifts: #186-200

Today I am clinging to the sovereignty of God as I write this post.  I am so grateful that it is He who reigns and not I.  And as it is Monday, I will continue to chronicle my 1000 gifts with which He has so generously blessed me.

186.  My husband's strong arms to hold me when I cry
187.  The wonder of our little guy kicking away so strongly inside of me
188.  God's sovereign rule over all
189.  Cool breezes through open windows
190.  Chocolate brownies this morning right when I'm feeling the most emotional
191.  God's Word to guide me
192.  The laundry clanging about in the dryer
193.  Warm showers
194.  Joy in sickness
195.  New worship songs to learn and memorize
196.  Leaves falling to the ground
197.  The shrill sound of whistles blowing at soccer games
198.  Cheering and encouraging soccer player parents
199.  My husband's calm, confident, and steady stance as he coaches soccer players from the sideline 
200.  The wonder and delight on my husband's face as he feels his son push back against his hand as it lays gently on my stomach.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

In the Valley

As I laid on the bathroom floor this morning at 5am, this song coursed through my mind and drew me Godward...where my mind should be focused as I endure this 3rd trimester morning sickness (and sometimes all day sickness).  Love this song!  Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 2011: Monthly Financial Check-up

We're stepping out in faith this month.  My paychecks are coming to an end and we'll be living solely off of Ciaran's income.  Our savings goals are going to slow down considerably now, but I'm still excited about working slowly toward achieving them.  This past month we were able to finish saving for Ciaran's fifth and sixth graduate classes, set up an appointment to meeting with an investing ELP, and put some more money toward our house downpayment fund.  We're praying so hard that the Lord will continue to help us to be wise stewards of the funds he has allowed us to manage.

2011 Financial Goals

1.  Pay for Ciaran's first grad. class with cash 
2.  Finish Babystep 3 (6 months fully funded emergency fund)
3.  Meet with an investing ELP Meeting set for Thursday 7/14
4.  Begin contributing to a Roth IRA 65.8% saved toward initial investment
5.  Pay for Ciaran's second and third grad. class with cash
6.  Save for Ciaran's fourth grad. class (tuition due in December)
7.  Save for Ciaran's fifth and sixth grad. class (tuition due in April 2012) 
8.  Save $5,000 toward house down payment fund 20% done
9.  Pay for all birthing expenses in cash

Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Names Update

On Tuesday, July 5, Ciaran and I spent about six hours in the car together so we had a lot of time to talk.  We have now narrowed our girl names down to one with the others being alternates in case our little one and the name don't quite fit.  And although we're pretty set on our boy name being Ciaran Jack and have been since the beginning, we added one more name to the pile. 

So our girl name is Claire Elizabeth (with Madelyn Sinead now an alternate, along with Emily Christine).
Our boy name is still Ciaran Jack (with Liam Carter, Eamon Louis....and now the new one which we both absolutely love Declan Gabriel available as alternates). 

**All middle names are family names.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A picture my brother sent me from Germany...

OK, so I know this doesn't represent what I am doing this summer since it's a picture my brother took in Germany, but I so love it and had to share.