Thursday, May 18, 2006


So I had one of those moments yesterday, the kind that I like to refer to as a little love letter from God. I was driving home from work completely consumed in my little world of academia, thinking about some stuff a few professors had been talking about, planning a better organizational structure for my research, etc., and I was gently tugged back to what really matters, and matters for eternity…. God. As I drove down the road, I momentarily glanced over toward the airport, and my eyes instantaneously fixated on these massively, enormous thunderheads, looming on the horizon. Now, yes, I am “uncommonly terrified” of thunderstorms (to borrow a phrase from Jonathan Edwards’ way of describing his own fear of them during his younger years) …..but there was something in these thunderheads that captivated me, causing my little whirlwind of thoughts to vanish completely in the awesome splendor of the universe God has created and sustains. As my breath caught there in my chest, Chris Tomlin’s song “Indescribable” came on the radio. Here I had been, entirely unmindful of God during the latter part of my day at work, and yet, God wouldn’t let me go too long without Him, He gently called me back as I drove home, reminding me of how big and great He truly is…in those moments as I sat there, entirely caught up in God, I couldn’t stop from smiling. What an incredible God we have! Not only is He over all of creation, but He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. Sometimes this just completely overwhelms me…and humbles me as well. Hmmm…that’s all for now, I’m still processing this one.