Monday, September 05, 2011

A Thousand Gifts: #186-200

Today I am clinging to the sovereignty of God as I write this post.  I am so grateful that it is He who reigns and not I.  And as it is Monday, I will continue to chronicle my 1000 gifts with which He has so generously blessed me.

186.  My husband's strong arms to hold me when I cry
187.  The wonder of our little guy kicking away so strongly inside of me
188.  God's sovereign rule over all
189.  Cool breezes through open windows
190.  Chocolate brownies this morning right when I'm feeling the most emotional
191.  God's Word to guide me
192.  The laundry clanging about in the dryer
193.  Warm showers
194.  Joy in sickness
195.  New worship songs to learn and memorize
196.  Leaves falling to the ground
197.  The shrill sound of whistles blowing at soccer games
198.  Cheering and encouraging soccer player parents
199.  My husband's calm, confident, and steady stance as he coaches soccer players from the sideline 
200.  The wonder and delight on my husband's face as he feels his son push back against his hand as it lays gently on my stomach.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

In the Valley

As I laid on the bathroom floor this morning at 5am, this song coursed through my mind and drew me Godward...where my mind should be focused as I endure this 3rd trimester morning sickness (and sometimes all day sickness).  Love this song!  Hope you enjoy!