Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Thursday Night Thought

Next week at this time, it will be the night before my wedding. Oh my goodness. I have been so caught up with teaching and lesson planning that I haven't had a good moment to really consider this. I'm entering my last week of unmarried life. And what am I doing this last week you ask? Well, teaching and lesson planning and grading papers (because it's all I seem to do right now). Late tomorrow night I plan on making the 2.5 hour drive back "home" because Saturday I have my final wedding dress fitting. After that I'll be working on stuffing and addressing wedding announcements while packing and once again lesson planning/grading papers. Sunday it's church and more packing and heading back to BC to work in my classroom. Then it's four days of teaching and then Thursday afternoon, my mom and cousin Katelen will make there way down to BC. After giving them a tour of HC, it will be time to head over to the place I'm staying, pack my stuff and then get to Ciaran's soccer game. My mom's going to get to see Ciaran coach at his new amazing school with the INCREDIBLE soccer stadium. I'm so excited! And that will bring me to exactly this time next week.

I am so in awe of God and where He has brought Ciaran and myself over the past seven years since we met. Our relationship is truly a testimony of God's abundant and amazing grace that He lavishes on His people. We cannot help but humbly stand in awe of how He has grown us and provided for us every step of the way. It is such a surreal thing to be sitting in my classroom tonight, typing away at this computer and looking around me at my "new" life and the new life that will be stretching before me come next Friday and I just have to look heavenward and praise our great and awesome God for bringing us here. Words cannot possibly even scratch the surface of what I'm feeling tonight.