Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Have a Job!

I have a job!!! I am the newest English teacher at HC in BC. Well, actually, it won't be official until the board clears it Monday it's almost official. I met with the superintendent today and even had the opportunity to get into my classroom for the first time! Ciaran and I are beyond excited right now and we're teaching at rival schools which will be so much fun during soccer season! I start new teacher orientation next Wednesday...everything is happening so fast.

God also provided me a place to live for the weeks leading up to our wedding. I will be staying with a very sweet Christian couple. The wife is a fellow English teacher at the school. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed by how God just keeps abundantly providing for our every need in this hectic, but oh so fun season of our lives.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Planning and Interviews

I'm sitting in my hotel room in BC working out wedding plans and waiting for Ciaran to finish coaching soccer for the day so we can meet up for dinner. I had my first teaching interview in BC today (my last one was up near Lansing). And I'm also waiting to hear back on two other applications I have out at area schools. It's already August 11 and I don't have a job yet; I may be subbing again this year if things keep up this way. :-)

And what wedding plans am I working on today? Well, I'm all about finding our location right now. Ciaran and I would ideally like to be married in an outdoor setting at an area B&B; something low-key and simple. We want a simple Friday evening wedding and return to work on Monday. We hope to go on our honeymoon during spring break (if we end up with the same spring break that is) or sometime next summer. After spending the afternoon on the phone, I have two appointments made for us to visit some B&B's tomorrow in the morning...Henderson Castle and Castle in the Country. We'll see how the visits go; I'm excited! :-) I'm also looking at a place called Greencrest Manor, but I haven't checked their availability dates yet. Both of the two we're visiting tomorrow currently have both our ideal dates available.

Oh and I found my wedding dress already. I hate shopping so I was dreading that task a bit, but it proved to be incredibly simple. I tried on maybe six dresses total between two different places and once I tried this particular one on, like my cousin Katelen said, it was immediately clear it was the dress. Simple as that. I love simple! Sorry I can't give any more details, Ciaran tends to frequent this blog in spurts...don't want to risk him finding out any details about it. :-)

Well, that concludes my interviewing and wedding planning update. Hopefully I'll have a chance to write again sometime this week.

Friday, August 08, 2008

We're Engaged!

Ciaran proposed on Tuesday night!!! Just wanted to post the exciting news. And we haven't set a date yet. I have an interview at a high school on Monday (just ten minutes from where he will be teaching this year) and once that is over we're going to begin discussing wedding dates. Sorry this is short and lacking fun details, but we're up in Petoskey right now. We brought Ciaran's ten-year-old nephew up here to visit Uncle Damien (Ciaran's second youngest brother) and of course to tell him our good news.