Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 10 weeks

Well, everyone.  Ciaran and I are pretty stoked.  We've made it to the double digits!!!!  I'm 10 weeks pregnant today and my chance of miscarriage has dropped to 5% (according to my OB on Wednesday when I had my first "official" pregnancy appointment with him).   And my baby bump made it's grand debut this week.  I thought maybe I was just a little bloated, but Dr. assured me that I do indeed have a little baby bump tiny frame and where I'm carrying the baby is the reason for it.  Fun stuff, huh?  It was a bit frustrating trying to find pants to wear to work this week...I may be wearing skirts and dresses for the rest of the school year.

Size of Baby:  According to most websites, Baby is about the size of a prune at this point

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm still below my pre-pregnancy weight.  Ugh.  Stupid vomiting.

Maternity Clothes:  Not needed yet.  I just need to go up a size in pants or wear skirts or dresses from now on.  :-)

Movement:  Not feeling anything yet obviously, but according to most websites, Baby is already quite the acrobat at this stage.

Sleep:  If I could, I would sleep every hour of every day.  A little miracle drug called Phenergan is helping me sleep through the night and has been a real life-saver!  Previously, my nausea had been keeping me from getting the sleep I so desperately wanted and needed.
What I miss:  All of my energy.  I used to be such a motivated and industrious individual.  For the past six weeks all I live for is surviving my work day and coveting a place on the couch or in my bed.  Weekends are now devoted entirely to sleeping. 

Cravings:   Oreo cookies, McDonald's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese bagel meals with orange juice (I remove the bacon...I like the flavoring of the bacon, but can't stomach the actual consistency of it), and chocolate cupcakes.  Chocolate milk shakes are also desired at all points and times of day.

Symptoms:  Nausea with vomiting is now confined to no more than three times a day.  Woohoo!  False alarms (gagging and hanging over the toilet) are still ever present.  Nausea exists pretty much 24/7 still.  Fatigue is present (although not as extreme).  I've also experienced some aches and mild pains as my body has started to shift things around to accommodate Baby.  Mood swings are the newest addition to my symptoms.  Ciaran probably feels as if he has whiplash from the extremes that I have fluctuated between this past week.  His "trooper" as he has referenced me as a number of times earlier in this pregnancy is no longer a good trooper.  I'm tired of feeling sick and tired.

Best Moment this Week: The sun coming out on Friday and the fun of watching the royal wedding on TV on Friday night (recorded from earlier in the morning).  Such cheeriness and beauty after being so utterly miserable for so long!  It was a welcome sight...both the beauty of the sunshine here at home and the beauty of the wedding across the pond. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

So, so, so sick

I'm 9 weeks into this pregnancy and I'm sooo sick.  Today's been the worst day so far since I got my anti-nausea meds.  Even with the anti-nausea meds, I haven't been able to get out of bed.  Thankfully, I live in a time when I have tons of encouraging resources at my fingertips so I've spent most of the morning listening to sermons, praying, and meditating on Scripture.  Then, thanks to the wonders of Netflix, I spent the afternoon watching Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South.

I've also been reading through the first present we got for Baby to celebrate 9 weeks!  It's called The Jesus Storybook Bible and I'm absolutely loving it!   I cannot wait until Baby can hear.  I'm going to love reading this to our little one.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 7 weeks 4 days

I've decided to share my news with my online friends. I'm pregnant!!! I was reflecting about how soon I wanted to post this and since my miscarriage in December, I was feeling a bit hesitant. Then I realized that I want to celebrate this little blessing for as long as we have him or her with us. Friday we heard our dear little peanut's heartbeat. It was absolutely amazing. On Friday, our peanut was measuring exactly as he or she should so my due date is still November 26.

So I want to have memories from this pregnancy so I thought every few weeks I would keep a record of what's going on.  I barely journaled during that first short pregnancy and I'm finding that I'm forgetting a lot about my time with that little one and it breaks my heart.   So this is me learning from last time and treasuring the moments.

Size of Baby: On Friday, was measuring just about a centimeter (seems so incredibly small!!!)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I've lost quite a bit of weight from really bad morning sickness, but Zofran came to the rescue and now I'm able to keep food down. Hope to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight soon and then starting GAINING when the time comes!

Maternity Clothes: Obviously not needed nor have I looked at them yet (except for glancing at Old Navy maternity bathing suits).

Movement: Too early. Very cool seeing the heart beating on Friday's ultrasound though!  The flickering of the heart in our tiny little peanut was so unbelievable.

Sleep: Even though I am exhausted all of the time, I'm struggling to fall asleep at night.  Once I'm out, I'm out which is nice (minus bathroom breaks).

What I miss:

My church family at RBC.  Before I experienced pregnancy sickness I was sick with a nasty flu bug and stayed away from church so I didn't infect pregnant women and small children.  Then as soon as the flu bug retreated, I got sick again (surprise, wasn't the return of the was little peanut!!!)  But it's been so long since I've seen my dear RBC brothers and sisters, I just ache for the moment that I can tolerate a 35 minute car ride and get to church!!!

Enjoying eating. I loved eating pre-pregnancy and now I dread it. If it weren't for Starburst Jelly Beans (which I eat as an appetizer and all throughout the day), I probably wouldn't eat at all....that is, until today....(see below).  Ciaran just bought two more bags for me yesterday. 

Cravings: Had my first real craving today. Despite horrendous nausea this morning I woke up thinking about Subway and how much I wanted a sub. I thought about that sub literally ALL DAY! I was acting out a scene from Arthur Miller's The Crucible for my students today and I was so afraid I was going to randomly insert "Subway turkey sub" into my lines. I refrained though, students already think I'm the craziest pregnant woman they have ever met with me popping Starburst Jelly Beans every five minutes to keep from gagging in front of them as the nausea sweeps over me.  Then of course, there's always my mad dashes out of the room so I don't throw up in front of them to keep them thoroughly entertained or completely grossed out (depending upon the student).  Thankfully Zofran has kept those mad dashes to a minimum.

Symptoms: As previously illustrated--nausea....every moment of every day. Vomiting until Zofran came to the rescue on Friday night (if I miss a dose, vomiting returns very quickly), intense fatigue, motion sickness when riding in the car (I drive with my windows down and barely survive my 7 minute commute to work), and then there are a few other unmentionable symptoms. Pregnancy is a bit icky.

Best Moment this Week: Hearing our little peanut's heartbeat. Ciaran and I can't stop talking about it. It was the most amazing moment of our married life so far. We were absolutely in awe and in love!!!!  2nd best moment was on Monday when I returned to school after spring break and all of my students were grilling me about how Baby is doing.  When I told them that we heard the heartbeat, each block cheered and clapped.  Teaching high school students has its fun moments.  A student in my first block had a baby just a few weeks into this semester.  She's back in class now and she's been a huge help in giving me tips to quell my nausea too. 

Well, that's my pregnancy announcement and update.