Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer in Pictures

Memorial Day, a day to honor those who have served our country. I'm so incredibly grateful for the sacrifices our service men and women have made so we can enjoy the freedom that we do in this country!

Memorial Day is also when summer starts, at least in my mind...although the school calendar does say something different. So even though I still have two weeks left of teaching, I want to start my summer project. But first I need to make a disclaimer. I have very little experience with photography so the project that I'm starting will probably frustrate you expert photographers out there.

So the essence of the project is simply this. I'm going to try to post a picture every day ending on Labor Day (the end of summer). I'm sure many of the pictures will be mundane, and I'm ok with that. So here's my first day of summer. I'm sitting in my apartment, sick with a bacterial infection, but I've had a wonderful morning with the Lord! There's nothing better than the quiet stillness of the morning and some ice-cold water, my Bible, sermon notes, and journal. Hope everyone's having a blessed day!