Monday, October 10, 2011

A Thousand Gifts: #201-218

My nausea has left me groaning and moaning on the bathroom floor yet again today.  It didn't set in until about 11am though so I was able to get a bit done this morning which was really nice.   Since I am feeling quite frustrated about my nausea, I figured it was time to chronicle all that the Lord has blessed me with.  I need an attitude change really badly right now. 

Thank you Lord for....

201.  My mom spending three days with us (cooking, cleaning, organizing, shopping, etc. in preparation for Baby).
202.  The comfort of being home when the nausea and vomiting becomes unbearable
203.  Seeing Baby via ultrasound on Wednesday
204.  Normal blood pressure reading
205.  Normal labwork results
206.  33 weeks of pregnancy so far for Baby to grow (even though I'm very weary of it at this point)
207.  Ice cold washcloths on my neck
208.  A freshly made bed
209.  A sweet husband timing my BH contractions for over an hour (just to make sure they are indeed BH)
210.  The sheer joy that comes from spending time in God's Word and in prayer
211.  Being able to pray for my church family, even when I can't be with them
212.  Warm,sunshiney fall weather (even when I only enjoy it through a window)
213.  Worship music playing in the background, always pointing me Godward
214.  The delight on Ciaran's face as our little guy pushes back against his hand on my belly
215.  Delicious sips of Coca Cola to help ease my nausea (don't worry, it's OB approved)
216.  Time to rest when the fatigue overtakes me
217.  Finding bassinet sheets that fit our Travel Lite crib
218.  Waking up with no alarm clock this morning

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