Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Names Update

On Tuesday, July 5, Ciaran and I spent about six hours in the car together so we had a lot of time to talk.  We have now narrowed our girl names down to one with the others being alternates in case our little one and the name don't quite fit.  And although we're pretty set on our boy name being Ciaran Jack and have been since the beginning, we added one more name to the pile. 

So our girl name is Claire Elizabeth (with Madelyn Sinead now an alternate, along with Emily Christine).
Our boy name is still Ciaran Jack (with Liam Carter, Eamon Louis....and now the new one which we both absolutely love Declan Gabriel available as alternates). 

**All middle names are family names.


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Hi, I'm Lisa. {sorry about the previous comment deletion.}

I'm in the same Bible in 90 days group as you are. Congrats on the baby! Being a momma is the best thing ever! I love the names you've picked out, especially Declan. I love, love, LOVE that name.

Jen said...

I have no idea how you guys managed to come up wth a favorite for each! You're just going to have to have 7 kids so you can use all those fabulous names! :D (I kid, I kid...unless all other subsequent pregnancies are nausea free...)

Meanwhile, Ed and Alba vetoed my favorite girl name for Shan's little girl. :( Apparently it's a last name. C'mon! Aldana G hanging out with either Ciaran Jack or Claire Elizabeth?! Sigh... :D

Shannon said...

As much as I liked Aldana, I have to give way to the MIL's insistance that it's actually a last name. No worries, I think we've settled on a beautiful name I think you'll both appreciate. We're still figuring out if we've decided decided, or we're open to other options, so we haven't really started sharing it yet...just in case we change our minds! I think having a few back-ups is a good idea, but we're having trouble with just one...if it doesn't seem to fit our little girl...we'll just have to hope she grows into it. :-)

Shannon said...

PS...Claire is on our list, (one of Ed's top picks), but it's not the number one contender, mainly because we're pretty sure the middle name will be Alba, and I seem to trip over them...or run them together. :-)