Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 2011: Monthly Financial Check-up

We're stepping out in faith this month.  My paychecks are coming to an end and we'll be living solely off of Ciaran's income.  Our savings goals are going to slow down considerably now, but I'm still excited about working slowly toward achieving them.  This past month we were able to finish saving for Ciaran's fifth and sixth graduate classes, set up an appointment to meeting with an investing ELP, and put some more money toward our house downpayment fund.  We're praying so hard that the Lord will continue to help us to be wise stewards of the funds he has allowed us to manage.

2011 Financial Goals

1.  Pay for Ciaran's first grad. class with cash 
2.  Finish Babystep 3 (6 months fully funded emergency fund)
3.  Meet with an investing ELP Meeting set for Thursday 7/14
4.  Begin contributing to a Roth IRA 65.8% saved toward initial investment
5.  Pay for Ciaran's second and third grad. class with cash
6.  Save for Ciaran's fourth grad. class (tuition due in December)
7.  Save for Ciaran's fifth and sixth grad. class (tuition due in April 2012) 
8.  Save $5,000 toward house down payment fund 20% done
9.  Pay for all birthing expenses in cash

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Jen said...

I think you guys are doing great! Congratulations on marking off a few more goals! :)